I thought installing the chipset driver would do the onboard LAN, but it didn't.

I can't find a stand-alone LAN driver anywhere on the interweb, can someone suggest how I can find the correct one? (Windoze suggests it connect to the internet and search, which is a nice thought but without a LAN driver...)

I'm going to ask Abit, but thought perhaps you guys could tell me what I'm doing wrong.

In case you missed it the board is an old Abit AN7 socket A. I don't have a 'driver disk' as such, just what I could find on their site.

Any help greatly appreciated.

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Great, cheers :)

When I get home from work I'll do just that.

Man I'm glad I've got another computer to get on the net with, otherwise I'd need to change the motherboard to get the Everest stuff, then change to check the adapter, then change to download the driver, then change to install the driver... phew.

Soon to be solved.



I used Everest but all it gave me was nVidia MCP2 controller. Well I decided to just get a generic chipset driver for an nForce2 mobo. I didn't realise till I went to install that it was exactly the same as what I had used originally.

I gave it a go anyway, and viola, LAN working. I've no idea what happened 1st time (sound etc. worked then...)

Thanks for your help caperjack :)

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