My PC keeps shutting down. It will go into the blue screen sometimes even load windowsxp but shuts down (fully as if I turned it off) in seconds.

Even if I try to go into safe mode, it shuts down while still on the black screen.

When it shuts down, it takes a few tries for me to get it going, most of the time it doesnt even respond.

I would say from the time I get it running I get about 30 seconds or so and it shuts down, no matter what I am trying to do.

It did have dust in it so I cleaned it out, no help.

Any advice as to what can be wrong? Is my hard drive gone? (I had some pictures of my baby that I would hate to lose).


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Does not sound like you have lost your hard drive from the information that you have given us. However it is a good idea to keep things that you really need backed up as these kinds of this happen all the time.


Definately sounds like the PSU. I suggest testing it though, if you could borrow someone elses and plug it into your computer to test it thats the only way to easily know for certain.

Harddrive is probably ok, If you are worried though you can put it in a friends computer and backup the data. If the drive is ok it will work without a hitch, if not well then you know its fried (which is very unlikely).



Did you add/remove any hardware in your system? if you have done so it will cause your system to shutdown.

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