It's a Aopen PIII mainboard which when powered up POSTs ok but the screen goes blank immediately after that. Thinking it could be memory, bios config, or other peripherals, I've repeatedly tried clearing the CMOS, disconnecting extra hardware, and memory. The board 'knows' when RAM is absent and when not. I'm still not convinced the board is bad and needs replacement. Is there something I can do I revive the system without replacing the board, of course?

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I'm saying that if the screen goes blank immediately after POST, there's not a lot more you can tell us for diagnosis. What would I do?

It looks like you can get into the BIOS and that usually means your HW is OK.

So I'd then expect that booting the Windows CD-ROM to work. If not, I would suspect a HW failure. If it boots, then you've got options.

If it boots, I'd try to use it to repair your existing system. If not, I would then put the HDD into an enclosure and get the data I want to keep off using another PC. Then I could re-build Windows knowing my data is safe.

If your hardware's stuffed, either get it repaired or buy a replacement.

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