ok, i just bought a diablotek radeon 7500 PCI 64MB graphic card and i put it in an empty PCI slot, screwed it in, etc. THEN, when i turn on the computer ITS BLACK nothings showing. but when i wait until the windows XP welcome screen comes, then it finally shows the picture. then after about 5 minutes or so it turns black again...but when i put this new card in, there was also another existing card, an intel brand, that was also in a PCI slot. i tried taking that intel card out but it was stuck. all the other slots came off tho. and r u just supposed to put ur new graphics card in the slot then it works? or do u hav to plug some wire in? cuz the box came with a wire but i wasn't sure what to do with it. my old existing graphics card is an intel 82865G graphics controller. im not sure what the problem is...i would b extremely happy if u guys could help! thanks and if u hav any questions u wanna ask about my computer or w.e ill try to reply asap. thanks again!!

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sigh nvm...thanks for all ur help but my parents found out inevitably that i bought a graphics card without permission T^T but u guys were a big help, i couldnt have made it this far without u ppl! (altho i DIDNT make it far at all but anyways...) well i guess the only option is to get all A's or sumthing miraculous. lol y am i still talking, well c ya

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