My PC hates me please help!

Last night while i was sleeping my watercooling sprung a leek! I woke up to an off PC. My gut reaction was to check my watercooling as its the pump has been faulty. Well to my horror all the pipes were empty!

So i leave it about 8 hours while i go to work, on my return i took out the whole watercooling rig and fitted the stock intell cpu cooler and some shitty Northbridge heatsink.

I fire up the PC hurrar it worked!! But then it died again after about 5mins. It tried to shut it slef down before it crashed but its was too slow.

So now i try turning it on and it wont! if i turn off the power at the back and turn it back on its starts up for 3 seconds then it dies. front power button wont work again.

after playing around with the taking out the gra[phics card a few times, because i noticed the fan wasnt spinning on it i got a bit of progress. The pc will now turn on, but nothing will come on the screen. So im thinking that i have screwed up my mobo or my graphics card.

Anyways 1 geek to another crying for help, please save my PC ive got soo much important stuff on there. Im prepaierd to get new parts, but if we can narrow down which part is broke that would really help me.



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probably the motherboard is fried. you should have left it to dry out for at least a month

idk this gets weirder

i had it working again for a few mins, but only with one of my monitors the analog one. i managed to get into windows, but as soon as i put the second monitor back in it died again.

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