3 weeks ago my motherboard set on fire. I originally thought it was mechanical error, I now know it was simply the dark lord's entrance to this realm.

I ordered a new motherboard to replace the burnt one. The new one didnt turn on at all, no lights, fans, or beeps, its totally dead. I stripped it down to barebones and started testing parts.

Since then I have replaced the power supply, motherboard, ram, power switch, and cpu, in that order. Thats right, I have replaced every single part, and still it wont turn on.

I would of solved this thing weeks ago, but Newegg doesn't sell holy water.

I replaced the motherboard using an RMA from newegg. Do you think its possible that they just shipped me the same board I sent them and told me its a new one? Do they do that?

If not, any other ideas?

If the motherboard flamed then you would be able to tell rather quickly. When you try to power it up do any of the LEDs or fans come on?

Of course you could always take it to the nearest river and baptize it, this usually works best if it is still plugged in.

I totally replaced the mobo that set on fire. I never sent it back, I just took it out and put it in my basement, deep underground where it can influence no one.

I ordered a totally new, yet identical mobo from newegg. Lets call this mobo #2. It arrived as what I believed to be DOA. This is the one that I sent back to newegg with an RMA.

They sent me another one (mobo #3) Which is also identical to the first two. It has the exact same DOA problem as the second one. This leads me to believe it might actually BE mobo #2, they just sent it right back to my house.

Neither #2 or #3 have any lights at all, no sign of life whatsoever. No beeps, no noise, no fans, no hum, nothing. Just the cold, calculating presence of evil permeating every circuit.

As far as the river thing goes, I don't have an extension cord long enough.

Did you use the standoffs that came with the motherboard?

Are you sure that the PSU is working?

You might try building it out side of the case on a non-conductive material and see if that works, if it does then I would start looking to see where the board is shorting to the case.

I tried rebuilding it outside the case (which looks really cool by the way), and the fans turned on! I put in some plastic between the mobo and the case to give it some insulation, and the dark one was dealt a savage blow.

He tried to stall me again with some NTDLR error while booting, but I moved some cables around and banished him from this plane forever!

I am currently writing all this on my newly rebuilt, fully exorcised computer. Its hard to believe a dollars worth of cheap plastic was all that stood in my way.

Thank you very much for your help, I appreciate it more than you could know.