I just had a problem with my CPU. It was working perfectly but until recently it doesn't boot but still show the green light but the monitor is still black nothing showing,I've tried it on other machines but the problem is the CPU.What can be the problem with the CPU?Assist

now, by CPU do you mean th actual CPU (processor) or the base unit?

the whole base unit

no picture at all?
any beeps?
do the fans spin?
does the HDD light go, or just the power?

I've tried it on other machines but the problem is the CPU

you mean with other monitors?

could be:

video card
power supply

I need more information to help you.

Here are the following scenarios and how to cure it:

1. Video Card
-External Video Card:: Try to remove your video card and clean the Video card and the

2. Memory
-If you have 2 Memory stick, just remove either one of your memory then just use one of
your memory. Maybe one of the Memory is failing. You may also want to clean this stuff.

Have fun!

Thanks, I think i have to check on the stuffs you have mentioned.Thanks again. Contact you soon once the problem has been rectified .