how often should you clean a water/liquid cooling parts?
tubes, reservoir, generator & all that good stuff...

how often should i replace fluid?

what's the best fluid to use?

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"how often": next to impossible to say, not knowing the machines work environment.
fluid. depends on what you're using.


watercooling isnt really needed on that rig

ive got a core quad extreme oced to 4ghz, 4gb ram and an 8800gto and it runs fine with good paste, good design, air cooling and big heatsinks


not if you have a decent case and good cooling (lots of fans and huge heatsinks and good arctic silver thermal paste)

The new Core CPUs are actually a lot cooler than P4s. My dads core2duo runs wayyyy cooler than my old P4HT 3ghz does (like 47c vs 78c) in the same cases

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