Obviously, from my screen name, you can figure out that I don't know that much. First, I have a Compaq Pressario S5200nx store bought computer. I have done some upgrades (Added memory to 1024, which is at max, added fans, 128mb video card). I have recently had some problems with a couple of my USB ports, and with all my research and problem solving techniques, I have come to the solution that the motherboard must be messed up. So, my question is, how do I change the motherboard (if I can)? Will I need to change the processor, too? Any help would be useful. I'm not totally stupid, but act like you're talking to a 4 year old!


Changing a motherboard is a bit of an operation. It can be done (I did it to my computer a couple of weeks ago) but I'd exhaust every other option first.

The USB ports used to work but now don't?

If they have never worked, there's a few things you can try...

Yes, they worked fine before. Here is exactly what happened. A week ago, a bubble (like the Microsoft Updates one) in the task bar popped up and said "Power Surge in Hub port ...... It immediatley cut off, then came back on within a couple of minutes and then my external harddrive stopped working (producing a signal to the port). I thought that the cable had been destroyed (by my demon cats), so I tried another cable and nothing. Then I tried a different port, and nothing. The only ones that work, like I said was the mouse, keyboard, and the 2 under them on the back. I have another 2 on the back and 1 in the front. Not sure what other options that I have. Any help would be GREATLY aprreciated!

It appears your external HDD tried to draw too much power. You can use a powered USB hub, that shoud get your HDD working. A powered hub plugs into a wall power socket, so it can draw as much power as it feels like.

As for getting your ports working again, do they work with any USB things (ie have you tried just plugging in a memory stick or something?)

If you go control panel > system > hardware > device manager do you see any yellow question marks or exclamation marks?
Right click on any item and go 'scan for hardware changes'.

Personally I've never seen this before but you're obviously not alone, see HERE.