I have an LCD monitor here that just stopped working the other day. Anytime you turn it on, it flashes a left to right gradiant of black to red, green, or blue. The power light also shows orange, so it doesn't seem to be getting a signal from the pc. I have tried several PCs, but to no avail. Does anyone know what would be wrong?

P.S. It's an Norcent LM730.

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on the monitor there are a few buttons that you should be able to press. try those and see if you get any desktop display.


What brand of monitor is it? Have you checked to see if all cables are properly seated? Some manufacturers have a reset button located in a hidden area, this could be something else to check as well. Hit us back if you make any progress.....


if the cable is damaged, you will have to get a new one.

Not all damage can be seen because inside that big black wire is more wires.

inside of one of those wires might be a break.


I have norcent lm730 monitor
on start up it flashes on and straight off
if i attempt to turn it on even after the computer is fully booted the monitor just flashes on the sreen for only a few seconds
have tried another monitor and that works
think it is a capacitor in thpoew supply of the monitor the question is which one the 1000 mfd 16 volt or another

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