I have a toshiba satellie laptop I was running spybot and everything froze. So I held down the power button and turned it off. After that I tuned on and nothing, just a black screen but the power on light was on and if i insert a cd I would here it rotate for a few seconds but thats it

Do you get any boot option?

nothing just a black screen

Try turning off the laptop. remove the battery and all other power sources to it.
Then hold down the start button for around 10 seconds or so.
Replace the power source and reboot.

This is called a hard reset and will help to disable any charge left on the mobo capacitors and clear the memory!

I tried holding it down for 10 seconds and I tried holding it down for a minute still nothing

have you reset your BIOS.remove CMOS battery for a hour or so.replace and restart.

if you have no luck with sittas87's suggestion i guess you have little choice but to boot from the install disc and access the recovery console!

I dont recommend pulling the cover off your lappy if its still under warranty otherwise you may void it....If you have warranty left, take it to the shop mate!

i have' tried to reset the bios yet but will try that next. already to boot from the install disc and access the recovery console but it won' t read any discs

get a boot disk here insert at next boot up allow it to run through, when the boot detection is done just type your drive path for cd/dvd example D:
browse to the setup.exe by typing it in accordingly.
should work

tried disconnecting the CMOS battery and don't have a floppy drive. Think a new hard drive would work?

create the BOOT disk on a USB and see if it will detect the USB.by using the BOOT disk your system will then be able to detect your drives.try it pelky