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I have a Sony Vaio VGN-FS690P and recently there has been some grinding from just below the F12 button. I unscrewed all the screws (except for the 1 special one that Sony conveniently added that needs a special screw driver to remove). I am fairly certain that it is the processor fan. The HDD is just off center beneath the mouse, so I don't think that it is the HDD.

My system does run, but very slowly. Twice now I've gotten a Windows "Blue screen of death" and had to restart. I'm afraid to keep using my laptop in fear of burning out the processor.

SO my question is, 1) can you purchase just a new fan for a Sony Laptop? 2) any tips on how to remove the special Sony screw beneath my machine? 3) Do you think there is any permanent damage to my processor? 4) any thoughts that this might not be the processor fan? 5) if there is permanent damage to the processor where can I purchase replacement parts? (preferably cheap ones).

Thank so much everyone!

You will know more when you open it up...To do so I recommend buying a security-screwdriver set (very handy). This includes all the weird screw heads that you are likely to encounter. Try Northern Tool and Equip., Sears-Craftsman, or other local hardware stores for one of these sets. Handy for taking apart stuff that shouldn't be taken apart, and stuff you need to disassemble too. Great for removing the platters (coasters), and magnets (most powerful fridge magnets in the world) from hard disk drives. Hope this helps, if you get it apart reply with the results. Best of Luck, Mav.