I've read a good number of threads on here and never found one that mimic'd whats happening to me.

I have a HP Pavilion dv8000 , One day when I powered it up the screen had vertical lines in it, when I apply pressure it clears up. I just dealt with adjusting it a little bit for a while, but now it jut won't give me a picture.

I've read one cause could be the vga cable, so I took the faceplate off the lcd and sure thing, without touching anything else , the screen looks fine. So I'm guessing its pinching something in there.

I don't have a picture right now bc I'm at work, but theres one wrapped thick cable, theeres the led power wire for wifi , then behind the light theres a strip of PCB where at the far right end is a connector with a pink and blue wire extruding.

I don't really want to go around messing with them until I get a little advice, but once I find out the problem wire/spot it should be simple to move the wires or to trim the faceplate.

Thanks for any help.

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RIght, so far i never had to open my PC up like that yet so I cant suggest you what to expect when you open it up but one thing i can say for sure is google the problem you having and you definitely find some step by step manuals to open it up and rectify the issue.


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