But sometimes it is.
Right so for the safety and protection of those involved all names and companies have been renamed to

protect them... this is actually a HUGE LIE, nothing has been modified cause everything is jacked up!!

So the story starts out with me buying and building my almost dream PC (my dream PC would have had

2 "Duo 2 Core" 3.8GHz processors but I didn't really deem it necessary to throw out the extra cash)

but anyway, part of my dream PC was also a rocking liquid cooling kit. Now that I did throw the

money out for, in fact about $270 USD for it in fact. Now the CEO (John Lyon) of Cool-IT Systems

himself told me it would manage a Intel Pentium 4 3.2GHz processor (641 Model), the receptionist at

the company told me it would, John the Tech Support guy told me it would... it didn't... it leaked on my

ATI Radeon X1950 XTX Graphics Card (at the time it was thee best GPU and cost me $475 - I had

gotten a coupon for it :D ). So I freaked out and sent it to them for repairs, John Lyon told me their

liquid in the kits had frozen in the warehouse... I believed him, got the kit back... it leaked again, except

this time a LOT worse, half of the card was covered with their pretty blue liquid that made me scream

like a blonde in a horror film. It also leaked on my Creative Labs Sound Blaster X-Fi Fatality Sound

Card, my Western Digital Raptor-X 150GB hard drive and 1 drop on my Intel D975 XBX 2

Motherboard, and of course all over the bottom of the case. The system runs ok minus the fact that I

get a slow down on certain areas of "Hitman: Blood Money" and it took me a long time to figure out for

a hundred percent certainty if it was in fact the spill or the drivers or the game etc. (with PC software it

is always something, is it not?).
So what is my point to all this you ask??... Good question. My point is that after this I did some

studying and as it turns out a $24.00 USD copper processor heat sink, with 80mm fan at the front of the

case and a 120mm fan at the read of the case, cools almost twice as well as their FreeZone liquid

cooling kit. On top of that it won't LITERALLY fall apart (the tube MELTED and the little metal sign

FELL OFF!! - while playing Hitman: Blood Money) and the fans won't ever leak blue stuff all over your

beautiful and might I add EXPENSIVE PC!!

Sad story, editing sux.

May be i am a bit slow today cos I am at work but the post says revenge. I didnt see any revenge anywhere.....


Wow, you mean you actually read that - congrats.

Yes! I, too, demand some truth in thread naming.

hey as i said i am at work and unluckily i didnt have anything better to do so just went ahead and read it, but obviously i dont like to repeat my mistakes, damn the thread name, tricked me into it...i went in expectin blood and guts...shame


The revenge is bad PR for the company... I'm a pro at destroying companies... I've had some practice, granted some companies burn themselves to the ground... like Sears... but basically these guys just don't really know precisely what they're doing. If you look, you'll find that my problem is normal for them...

well then I may better be quiet if you are pro at giving bad PR then eh.....but then again I think a company's reputition would require a bit more than just a thread with a name which is way off the topic, if you want to destroy their name that is.


Yeah, but see that's how it works... how many people do you think have looked at this post just because of the name and nothing more? - Plus it's a process that takes some time... but invariably the company helps me take them down more than anything else. They simply do as they do and that works for me. :)