I am trying to figure out whether this dilemma is a virus or I need a new mother board or something. My desk top is doing this loopy thing when I boot-up. It goes into the option safe mode screen, and when I choose either safe mode or start windows normally it goes through the series of "driver check language " to the regular windows xp screen and then I get a "no signal" screen and then it loops back to my safe mode screen and would keep on doing this all day but since its going through some type of loop I pull the plug.....

Any ideas as to how to proceed would be greatly appreciated..

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i think your registry is corrupt and it's looping because the required driver or rigistry is deleted or corrupt. can you get into the system using a multiboot recovery disk to restore your registry settings or reinstalll the system with the recovery mode where you wont need to format the disk or reinstall your softwares. it will just overwrite the system with the required files.

It sounds like driver problem drivers might be corrupted.but you can check for a virus scan by plugging your HDD in another machine as secondary and do a scan

I would personally start the day by: saying really bad words, throwing the keyboard and then I would reinstall windows!

Hi rnjidavis

It sounds like I have exactly the same problem, did you get your computer sorted, if you did what did you do?

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