I recently built a new system and it's been running fine except for one problem which has been getting worse. Basically, the CPU fan keeps cutting out then coming back in at max speed to compensate for the heat build up. After about 10 mins the PC shuts down. It used to happen once every couple of weeks but now it's every day.

I'm using the Intel Quad Core Q6600's stock cooler (no gaming on this rig) and using Abit's FanEQ control on the Abit IP35 Pro mobo to adjust speed from 30% at 30C to 100% at 45C. When I disable the fan speed control (FanEQ) it doesn't seem to have this problem but it's not ideal because of the noise level. I intend getting a decent cooler for it but I'm not sure if this is a fan or motherboard problem.

Any ideas what this problem could be?

Thanks for your time,


I would suggest you to try getting a new fan and try that on it and see if it makes a difference, cause the way you describe it I would not dare using the machine as it might mean that you ruin the cpu or mobo or both for that matter. Get your self a new fan, it wont cost u that much and most likely would sove the problem and save u a lot more trouble.

I would recommend you to clean up the pins on the mobo and the fan socket that goes on it but that does not seem to me as the likely reason for your problem.

Hope that helps ya.


In my experience fanEQ is a really glitchy program. Go find a program called SpeedFan. install it and see if it still does it then if that doesn't work replace the fan.

and don ever buy a fan controll box. they are junk

dude, just plug it into the header on the motherboard. If the fan i a 3-wire type, it will communicate by the yellow one to the BIOS and temp sensors, and adjust its speed accordingly anyway.