I bought 80gb seagate hard disk st380215a, last year. Last month i cant boot t hd and cannot view t hd in bios. Than i installed my friend hd in my cpu, than that hd was view in bios. where my hd have 5yrs warranty i returned to seagate service centre and i got replacement for that hd. Than i created 4 partition as c,e,f,g. After some days i cant open t g drive and it was changed to c,d,e,f. now g drive was shown as f and while try to open it shows "to format t drive". so no other way i formatted and i loss all datas in g where it show as f. Than i installed hardisk inspector which use to inspect t status of t hardisk. in that sw it shows "your hardisk reliabity reaches threshold so backup ur datas and dont use this hd". Than within 2days my hd was not bootable and again shows t msg in boot sector as t previos hd " no bootable device found.... . Can anyone explain abt t problem. Y t seagate is not replacing t fresh hd? And problems in hd manufacturer or any new virus type?

Hi there and welcome Legacy.I Honestly dont think theres a virus on your pc.According to your post you Id say you did incorectly name your HD's drive letters.Renaming drive letters the wrong way can cause a number of things and your problem sounds like the same. heres what you can do backup all data on another storage device format than partition drive with desired drive letters.Id recommend not changing it again.retrieve your data and leave like that
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Thanks for responding sittas87. But my hd was not deteceted and i also checked in bios it was not visible, i can view only dvdrom in bios boot device priority. But while using my friend hd i can use normally. So i think that my hd was dead again and i have to replce it again in seagate service centre. i'm correct?

hmm, have you tried auto detecting your hdd?

if so, and still you were not able to detect your hdd, it might be of a defective hdd...

btw, have you tried using your friend's mobo for detecting your drive?

well instructed rjpaje.If theres no detection of your HD in your machine and in your buddy's machine then your HD could be dead. to determine if its dead do this: hard drive as master(jumpered master) in your system,run detection in BIOS.in your buddy's machine, jumpered master and slave and detection in BIOS. if to no avail, can you feel a spinning on HD?does it make a noise?or is there no sign of anything

thanks guys for help. i didn't try my hd in my friend mobo. but i used his hd in my mobo without connecting my hd. Than his hd works well . next i connected my hd as slave and in bios it shows only my friend hd and not my hd, but while touching my hd i can feel t spinning. Anyway today i returned my hd and i'm waiting for new hd i mean " already used hd where seagate will clear datas and give to us as fresh one".

Thanks for the support. This forum is good. Thanks daniweb & guys helped me.

hope all goes good for you keep in touch though
cheers fella

FYI: HD's have S.M.A.R.T. and if your system supports it, the HD reports this information to the BIOS. Every time you boot a SMART HD, it checks itself...that's the "your hardisk reliabity reaches threshold..." message that BIOS or Windows reports when the number of errors exceeds "normal, operational limits." I got this kind of problem by overheating my HD when my case fan quit w/o my knowledge. I used a SMART utility and found all kinds of info that SMART reports, but you just never see. My HD died because of too many WRITE errors.