Ok, first off i want to say that, im a new member, this is my first time posting but i've read around and it seems alot of people have helpful info on here, so i figured i'd give this a try.

Alright to my problem then, I have an Hp pavilion dv5130us (running windows xp media center) that i bought a little over a year ago. So about a week ago i was using it, and it froze on me, nothing was responding so u held the power button to turn it off. Now when ever i hit the power button, the buttons light up, you can hear the fan goin for about a second and then it goes quite and the screen doesnt light up, and none of the buttons respond, except ofcourse the power button.
Please help guys, any info you could give me would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance

With the computer turned off and unplugged. Remove the battery and reseat the memory modules/sticks inside the memory bay. Put all the components back then start your computer.

If the problem still persists, repeat the process then test one stick at a time in both memory slots or try to test the sticks in another computer.

It's better to clean its gold contacts with a pencil eraser before inserting a stick into its slot.

Have you checked if your lappy falls in HPs faulty batch? You can check on their website. Obviously they have sold lots of faulty Pavillions. If your model and serial number falls in that batch you are supposed to get a free repair. (Just pray that they dont notice that "the unit has been opened"(if it was) or your extra year of warranty is void).

I have sent mine to HP only to hear that I must pay for repair , despite the fact that they sold me a screwed product!

Here is HPs pavillion link. http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/g...reg_R1002_UKEN

Good luck to fellow HP victim.