i just built my new computer
i hooked the monster to the grafix card and the black screen said a bunch of stuff and then

verifying dmi pool data..............
could not boot, insert boot disk

so i inserted the xp disk and it said
verifying dmi pool data..............
then it launched into the windows xp installation. when it asked me about partitions i turned it off and added a couple fans directly to the psuand put the lid on the case and stood it upright.

i turned it on again and now it just says

verifying dmi pool data..............

and hangs there forever

im in tears, it thought i finally got it working

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it doesnt matter which sata slot i use or which sata cord i use, and i tried running just 1 dimm. it was working at the beginning of the xp installation and then all the sudden it wasnt.
this mobo:
this hdd:
this ram:
this cpu:


i put the xp disk in and restarted. i had the hdd disconnected until it passed by the hang, then it booted xp setup. AS QUICK AS THE WIND i connected the hdd. setup loads, and detects it. it is now formatting. what do u think? i am suspicious because the keyboard seemed to stop working after i pressed f2, f9, or del to get into the bios options, boot menu, or recovery disk. it is working now through thesetup. btw, same results for 2 different keuyboards in 2 diffferent back pannel usb slots. what do u think?


ok ive been working on this all day. the computer seems fickle. sometimes i am able to do what i want, and sometimes not. i used to not be able to select any of the options in the bios, boot order menys, but now i can for the most part. i am using the correct memory cpu and fsb timings multipliers speeds and voltages. i goofed around in the bios and finally got it to boot up a different way. it now sasys windows could not start because of a computer disk hardware configuration problem. could not read from the selected boot disk (cdrom). im going to try the same trick i tried before with a different version of windows xp, but i am unhopeful and need ur input.

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