- Power button works and leds turn on, but HDD does not run or load windows
- No LCD display, getting blank screen and does not work when switching to external monitor
- rechargeable battery does not recharge

Power Surge during Thunderstorm is original culprit.

am fairly sure it is most likely the Motherboard or Voltage Regulator, but can the Voltage Regulator cause the LCD to go blank and effect the HDD from powering on or loading windows?

thanx in advanced!

Ya icekewled!
As I am Getting From Your Problem There Is A Problem With The SMPS Of Your System Because Your Hard Disk Is Not Working Properly.
So I Will Prefer You To Checkout The SMPS And One thing More Just Try To Recheck The Earthing Power..
If It Stills Not Work Post Me..
See You Later Take Care!!

SMPS? do u mean the voltage regulator?

i have a vaio laptop which has a separate board for the voltage regulator that the HDD connects to.. but i am wondering if the voltage regulator can affect the LCD to cause for a blank screen?

i hve no idea how old this thread is but here it goes,

the same thing happened to my pc, i had to replace the motherboard.

the HDD would rarely spin up and just about always didnt POST.

0oyh yea i forgot to say, the GPU or CPU fan went nuts!