After not being able to properly configure the microphone on my webcam to stop buzzing, I went out and bought a headset microphone. It works with MSN video calls and regular calls through MSN, but now my computer is saying that my audio device cannot play system sounds. The only thing it works with now is MSN, and even when I plug in my other speakers instead, it wont play sound. The sound icon is completely gone from the task bar, and when I go to the sound options in the control panel, it says "No Audio Device" and says that the only options I have for sound devices are ones that dont even exist.

Whereas before, in the Audio and Voice tab(under Sounds and Audio Devices Properties) it had Realtek Audio and my webcam, now it just shows Modem #0 Line Playback and Modem #0 Line Record. I dont even HAVE a modem.

I would really appreciate help, I need to be able to hear the system sounds on my computer!

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This probably has nothing to do with the headset.
You could try reinstalling the driver for your soundcard.

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:eek: I have also got a similar problem. I uninstalled some stuff and now I Keep getting "No sound device" and windows XP wants to reinstall. But it Can't find files. I don't even know what it is I'm looking for. It's my sons PC and hes very annoyed at me! I am really desperate!!!! :eek:

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