Hi guys,,,

Ive got this new computer, its a proper gaming one, and as any usual person i started downloading programs/software. My computer was working absolutely fine, and still does but when i go to shut down, the screen, keyboard and mouse lights all go off but not the computer lights, nor the fan. i know it is something wrong, because all the lights have gone off before on the computer. i went back to the supplier and he said that it was maybe a virus, and he reccomended updating norton and windows, which is what i did but still, nothing helped. But the guy said, and he sounded pretty sure that it was because ive downloaded a program that keeps the computer running after i press shut down. he said it was something like TNR? TNP? something like that.. he said that i should stop a process from the task manager and see if it works, but in the procceses tab it has got things like windows bootup ect, and if i stop that im worried i might stop the computer. is there anyway i can find out what/how to find the program thats doing this? or someone that can help? at the moment i have to hold in the button, which i dont like doing..

Thanks in advance.

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Well i suggest you to switch of all the buttons . This problem is genral and it has been happened to me also...


this happened t ome once when i installed a powered usb hub to the computer ,it was getting power from the psu of the hub ,i had to uninstall the hub

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