I am working on a Gateway laptop M520cs for a friend. It had a problem with the power button being stuck/broken. Which wouild not allow the laptop to power up.

I thought I had fixed that problem, I replaced the power button panel. Afterwards it would power on and off. I thought it now fixed I had powered on and off serveral times with no problem.

It has been several days since ding the repair. How when I go to push the power button I get no power. I am thinking that power on/off panel has gone bad and need to be replaced. Anybody has any suggestion I am I on the right track ?or where to look next?

Thnaks in Advance

It could be the power reaching the system from the mains/battery, that could also cause the issue. Have a check whether the connectors on the battery and the mains connection to the laptop is working and then see which one of them is the actual cause.


FIXED: Thanks for the help. I got it working again. I removed the power on/off panel from the panel cleaned the switch with alcohol and reinstalled. I then remove the battery, RAM and wireless cards from the notebook and let it sit for 2 hours. I powered the notebook backup on only the ac adapter and the notebook fired back up with no problem