Does anyone have any experience installing the Cyberview X-SF (slide) scanner, model PrimeFilm3650U on an XP machine (the one in question is XPHome) that also uses an HP AIO (PSC1350) printer?

Windows keeps crashing -- it appears the twain drivers are the issue, though we are using the newest driver set on each.

Looks like a nice little 35MM slide scanner ... new at COSTCO.


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I've been reminded that USBScan.sys in windows only supports one instance of a USB scanner on a machine at a time.

The user for this machine is not very saavy, so enabling/disabling services, etc. isn't really an option.

With that in mind, my thought was either to set up boot profiles, one for the slide scanner and one for everything else (including printing and scanning on the AIO) or to set up a second user that only scans slides to a shared directory.

If anyone has a better idea?


This is an interesting academic challenge, but the gent remembered an old laptop in the closet. This scanner has drivers for it, so we are going to hook that up for scanning to avoid the problem.

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