:?: hello ,my pc is celron cpu,2gb of ram and a 512mb vga(geforce8400gs)and i have a creative power supply(200 watt) is it enough or i need more loke 350 or 450 power supply? it gets too hot when i play larg games, but wthout problems but imnt comfertable about that i feel that my power supply is going to blow one day so tell me plz does replacing it with stroger one could fix this overheating?

How many drives, fans and usb devices are you running? The more of those the more power draw you are going to experience in spikes especially hard drives which can start up and as a result draw more power, but 200w is really the minnimum for a power supply and if possible I'd recommend an upgrade.

As a side note most 200W power supplies I have dealt with were not standard ATX power supplies they were mATX so you might want to bring your case with you when you go to get the new one or remove the PS and take it in.

Heat issues generally are an issue of not enough circulation and you may want to install another fan when you do the PS upgrade, just measure the distance between the holes on the case where you have room for another fan.