Hi, I'm a novice to forums so be gentile with me..

I have (not through chioce) a Parkard Bell PYPC355 Intel Pentium D 915 with Vista home basic installed. I have been told that Vista is ram hungry & the 512mb I have will be slow.... sure is very slow.... So I went on Belarc advisor & Crucial to see what my m-board can take. I can go to 2mb in total (1mb per slot) of ddr2 pc2 5300 240pin. I have bought these via e-bay ( i have used them b4 for my sons pc & all was ok) & installed them but the pc will not boot up... Any sug's from anyone??



Make certain RAM is seated properly, and try going back to old memory just to be certain everything is working still.

Then try inserting the new memory chips one at a time to see if it POSTs and one of the chips is bad.

After this then try inserting one of the old chips and one of the new ones. This should force the new memory to adapt to the current speed settings of the bus and help verify it is good. Note results and then do the same with the other chip thereby testing both of them. If they both test OK and machine works when mixed it will be a setting issue in BIOS for the memory, you will need to go in and manually configure the settings for the memory.

Give results from these tests if you can.

Other thing to check is to make certain you didn't partially unseat any card when swapping memory, video cards can cause weird issues in particular when not fully seated sometimes.

Thanks for that I will try all what you have said & give an update later today.