This started this morning. I was using it fine last night, and turned it off for the night. This morning I went to turn it on, and the monitor wouldn't display anything. The rest of the computer works fine I'm pretty sure.... but the orange LED is lightened up, not the green. I tried a different monitor, same thing.

I then proceeded to remove the dust from the grapghics card, and form the slot. Still nothing. I had a problem like this about a year ago, so I changed the slot for the grapghics card, (the slot was broken last time). Still nothing. So, I dunno what to do now. Both monitors work, as I plugged them into my laptop, and they display the laptop screen. I also checked the outside cables.

Please help.

Thanks in advance.

Sounds like you have already done 90% of what you need to. This is most likely a failed video card, reseating the video card and checking the BIOS settings for the video card are the only thing I can suggest before taking it to a shop to have them use a test card in it, or purchasing a new card.