recently i was visiting a gaming website and i saw the word physics card...

Can someone tell me what this is??
And how to check if i have one..??

(..i dont know if i posted this in the wrong section..if yes excuse me ppl..)

Plz Help

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A physics card is an expansion card for computers, which is used to process physics interactions so as to help produce more physical action in computer generated graphics. By taking over the processing of these effects, the CPU can use more of its power for other tasks. A physics card is centred around a physics processing unit, similar to the graphics processing unit on a graphics card, and also contains RAM for use in its processes. The first physics card created was the PhysX by AGEIA, released in 2006.

commented: great explanantion. I was just too lazy +6

But from where can you check for this physics card?/

Probably under device manager.

Unless you have a really expensive gaming computer, you wont have one.

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