anybody help. got a nvidia tnt2 but cant get call of duty, gta3 vice city to work or any other newish game ok i need to upgrade thats at crimbo but at the min wont work. anybody know the newest drivers for it or will it just not work cause its too old of a card. it does say it should work tho

have you tried going to support at the nvidia website? You should be able to download the most current drivers there, but it does look like you could use an upgrade.........

You are not gonna get the eyecandy that a person is after when playing these games with your current card. And, if your card is that old, how old is the rest of your system? Perhaps it is time to dump some money into a new system...good luck to you!

ITDUPUIS is right, Nvidias site is the best place to get current drivers but it shouldn't matter.

I doubt you'd meet the minimum requirements for most games since that card is half a dozen generations old.

I think your graphics card did not match with motherboard please check out by hardware.

TNT2 is old school. New cards won't match your motherboard, they use PCI e x16 slots i think.

ATI is still releasing great cards for AGP. They wont perform as well as their PCI-E counterparts, but they are still good cards. However if the rest of his system is as dated as the video card it's not worth the investment in a good graphics card.

It is still possible to have a passable gaming system based on AGP. My "B" system is a socket 939 athlon 64 3800+ that I bought just before PCI-E made it to the AMD platform. It has 4GB of ram, a raid 0 array, and I just picked up an ATI 3600pro (cheap card, I could have gotten a 4000 series but didn't want to invest the money in my secondary system.) I'm not saying that it will make the other gamers on this site drool, but it will handle most games reasonable well.

If you have an upper range P4 (2.4 or higher, ideally prescott), more than a gig of ram, and a 7200rpm HDD upgrading your video card would be all you need to be able to play new games at low-medium levels.

last time I checked nvidia's driver suite works on most cards almost like all in one

hello my friend ur tnt vga will never work with those games cz its toooooooooooooo old and cant support those games at all ,,, even if u installed the newst drivers.