I have a Presario 2100 series laptop ( 2190us ) , running XP SP 2, 256 MB memory , 40 gig disk, CD-RW/DVD Read Combo integrated, internal modem, internal Ethernet 10/100, . This unit has perfomed flawlessly since December 2003 when purchased new.

Here is the problem.

It will perform well for about 2-3 hours, then randomly will start a low continuos beep and commence to output commas repeatedly while beeping, the commas are output at any input box such as Email address, Message body, Search box entry, etc etc. Sometime it will stop and then other times begin and never stop. This renders the unit useless. Compaq says all kinds of things but none really help - Clean machine, reseat boards, etc etc. I have "air cleaned" the unit but am reluctant to disassemble it without documentation ( which is hard to find). I have No Virus, Trojan, Adware, or other according to Latest Norton 2008,and other scans from other companies also.

Does anyone have a laptop that repeatedly outputs random characters and will not stop ?

This unit is fine otherwise, and I would like to keep it if I can.

Regards and Thanks\


I have exactly the same issue. Disassembly the computer did not help either. Did you get a solution for your problem ?

Hi. I've been fixing laptops for 11 years now. Wow I'm getting old. Anyway, if I had this unit in my shop, the first thing I would do is reseat the keyboard. 99% of laptop keyboard are very easily removed by taking out the keyboard screws from the bottom of the unit. Also check to see if the top keyboard bezel stip is also holding the keyboard in place.

Once under the keyboard, look for a ZIF (zero insertion force) socket holding the keyboard ribbon cable in place. Remove it and reseat it.

Does the problem occour with an external keyboard plugged in?

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