My company has a bunch of files backed up on zip disks. the IT guy insisted that they use zip disks... LMAO!!! but i need the information off of the disks and can't get my computer to recognize it. i can't find any drivers online, so i don't know if it even needs a driver.

but now i have bigger problems. i tried putting the disk in the slot in the front of the computer but the disks where a little too thick so i kinda had to force it in there and now it's stuck.... LOL just kidding...:twisted:

But i still need drivers and help getting the computer to recognize it...

Thanks a million

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Are you trying to install a Zip drive? If so go to the manufacturers website and download the drivers.


it is an Iomega Zip250 and i couldn't find drivers on the website. it just kept re-directing me to mirrors and i really don't trust them.

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