I've been looking to upgrade my RAM for a while now, but I don't know what kind of RAM i have, SD or DDR. The PC information window in the control panel won't tell me, so i have no idea what to do to find out.

EDIT: The crucial system scan didn't work. It said it couldn't get all the information.

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If your PC is a custom built one, then best way to verify is to open the tower and take out the RAM from the slot and get the details.
If its a Branded one. then lookup for the Model no. on their site.

...How do I find the Model Number?

If you download CPUZ and look in memory it will tell you the amount of RAM that is installed, and will show if you are in dual channel. If you go to SPD will tell you the module size, what type of RAM it is, the max bandwidth and the manufacturer. If will also show the timings and voltage.

If you can't use Crucial's scan you can always use their other method where you enter the make and model, or if it is a custom build the make of the motherboard and model and you can do the search that way. If you have a custom build and don't know what the motherboard is, CPUZ will show this in the Mainboard section.

Thanks for the Cpuz, but i have one last question before i consider this finished. Cpuz says i have two used slots and 2 empty slots. When i looked inside yesterday, I only saw the two used slots. Assuming the two empty slots are there, would it be possible to have both my current memory (512 meg dual channel DDR) and a new set (2 gigabyte dual channel DDR) at the same time for 2.5 gigabite DDR?

You will need to have even numbers of modules. You will also want to match the specs of the module/s that you have installed to run in dual channel.

Edit: What motherboard are you using?

I was thinking of using a pair of 256 which I already have, and a pair of 1 gigabite sticks which i intend to buy. In four slots, is this feasable? According to Cpu-Z my motherboard is a Springdale-P

Well, you still haven't provided the model number of the motherboard, so we are still without the needed information to find out what you need. As I said before, you will need to match the specs -exactly- of your existing RAM to successfully run in dual channel. You could add any comparable RAM, but you wouldn't be able to run in dual channel which effectively double the speed.

Using CpuZ again, i don't know which is the motherboard model number. Is it the Chipset, Southbridge, or the LPCIO?

If you click on Mainboard in cpuz the item above the chipset is model. That's what we need.

I already said the model in the above post, Springdale-P

The box looks like this:


is that supposed to be empty?

Manufacturer is also empty.

Maybe this is because I bought this thing at london drugs. big mistake.

That is the chipset. Let's try this from a different angle, please down load SIW, scroll down to the hardware section in the menu on the left side and click on motherboard. AT the top of the page there will be titles for the two columns, Property and Value. The first item under property should be Model, and across from that will be the model number under Values, please post that here.

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