i dont know what happened to it. games that worked fine couple of days ago is now making my computer crash to a black screen and locks up. ive downloaded all the updates for windows and my graphics card (ati radeon x700 pro), i even called the ati costumer support line and they told me to download an updated chipset. i also checked for virsues and spyware and everythings clean. what could it be?

it also says "vpu revover has reset your graphics accelerator as it was no longer responding to graphics driver commands"

Hi there and welcome Italiantank
First of I personally dont prefer the auto update cos sometimes its the updates thats causing the problems.never the less bare in mind this behaviour can be cos of hw or software.but reading your post it sounds like a defnite software prob. I would try a system restore first if its still the same behaviour than Ill look in my graphic card options set the settings to defaults.if the default settings doesnt solve the prob than Ill modify the settings according to what it was one at a time and see how it bahaves

Actually I had this problem a long time ago too.

It was due to defected RAM.

Try purchasing new RAM, or if you have 2 + sticks, run games using one stick each, and alternate to see if one of them is defected and others aren't.

If the game crashes on all sticks, try getting new RAM. Make sure the motherboard you have supports the specific brand you buy. If the computer still crashes after that, then it most likely isn't memory problems.

If you get any bluescreen errors, post the info.

ok thanks ill try that. i think its a software probelm cause i did a system restore and it still does it.

well ive had my ram for about 3 years so could it still be defective?? and i dont get a blue screen it usually goes black and the monitor locks up like its on sleep

Just a note, sometimes updated drivers for video cards are unstable, and might cause problems. A good idea is to use an old driver that you know works and is stable.

3 Years can be enough time to make any part defective. I bought high end RAM and my memory died within 6 months.

Also, if you have any software to monitor your computer's heat, do that. Your computer automatically shuts off if something gets too hot as a safety mechanism. For example overheating CPUs or graphix cards.

Lastly, do you overclock anything? This may spur heating problems.

lol well i found out what it was. there was so much dust inside my computer it was causing it to crash. i have such a simple mind i didnt think of it until my friend told me. but thanks to everyone that helped i know if it happens again ill use all your advice.

lol dust provides two problems I think. Static and heat. Either of those can crash. Cool, glad your computer is up and fine now.

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