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what do you mean? hook up two monitors and see the same thing on both monitors at the same time? if so then yeah u can.


I take it that your video card doesn't support dual monitors?
You can get a Y-splitter, but that will only give you the same display on both monitors, not a single display split over both.


I have an extra monitor for my system but only 1 gfx. I cba to go and buy a gfx card really so is it possible to run a dual monitor system on 1 card?

does the Card have two places to plug in two monitors !!


some cards (including my 9600XT) has a monitor output and then a DVi out put, but the card came with a DVi to VGA connector and therfore lets me connect two monitors at once, but my monitor is connected through USB so it real doesn't matter :twisted: :mrgreen:

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