Hi all thanks for all the welcome replies. My pc recently started failing to boot sometimes it happens sometimes once or twice a month. I usually have to remove the cmos battery for a couple of seconds plug my moniter into the onboard vga reboot then disable the onboard graphics shut down re-connect to my video card then i'm fine for about 2-3 weeks. How can i fix this annoying problem

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Hard to say exactly what cause is, but I'd start by replacing CMOS battery. It's cheap and easy to replace. You may be losing CMOS settings.


Thanks willcomp I've already bought a battery cuz it happened twice this week so I'm waiting for it to fail again before i put the new one in. This week i didnt open the case after the failed boot i waited half hour and the next time it booted just fine.


Try looking in the Event Viewer to see what kind of error are showing up at those times.

Start> right click on My Computer> Manage> Event Viewer. When Event Viewer opens double click on System on the right hand side of the screen.

Please note that each column has a title at the top of each one. Errors will appear just to the left of the Type column, they will be recognizable as a red dot with a white X inside. Each entry has a Date and Time, look for errors that occur at the times that you are experiencing this problem.

When you find an error follow it across the columns till you are in the Event column, the error will be express as a set of number. If you right click on these number and then choose Properties another screen will open with a definition of the error.

Please post the error code/s and definition/s back here.

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