hi i have this comp and all lights come on and fans but no picture on moniter its sounds like it want to boot up but then dies but lights and fans still run what could this be .help on this would be great thanks .

First thing...
Check your RAM or video card are correctly placed ...
take the RAM ,clean the conducting edges and then insert it back and check...
Also try with Changing the slot in which u place the RAM...

your CPU is not dead yet, if all the lights are on even the hardisk led is blinking maybe you should listen the sounds come up lke long "beep" or a short "beep" if you hear anything try to plug on to the build in video and remove the VGA card, if there is a sound again try to remove the RAM and clean it with an eraser on the edge of the memory both sides then put it on again, then if it is working your VGA card is dead.

Can you boot into Safe Mode?

If you have the Windows installation CD boot from it, if the computer boots from this then your problem is either with the OS or the hdd. If the computer boots from the CD immediately press the ESC key to stop the installation. If you find out what the manufacturer of the hdd is, most manufacturers will have a diagnostic tool that you can download from their web site, this would help you determine if the hdd is the problem.

You may need to change the boot order so that the CD-ROM is the first device seen.

The problem as stated by "coolamd" says that no display appears on the monitor then how can "coolamd" come to know if comp can boot in safe mode or if the comp boots with CD?????

remove all ram and see if it gives a number of beeps.if it does then replace only one ram in slot.
-apply grease to cpu
-clean machine from dust

thanks for that very true anyway fix problem just pull out psu and put back in .

Uhh thats a strange one.well done
Hope that behaviour doesnt come back
cheers my man

thanks and also clean ram too and all dust very strange anyway thanks again

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