Hi all,
I'll apologise in advance as I'm not very good when it comes to the technical side of computers but I'll describe my problem the best I can and hopefully someone will be able to help me out.

About a fortnight ago my little boy decided that it would be a great laugh to switch off my computer at the wall and then straight back on again. Which from what I can gather caused a surge that disagreed with my comp. When I turned the comp back on it got as far as the black screen that first comes up where you have the option to enter the bios menu ( I don't know what it's called) and it would go no further. I managed to get my Dad round to take a look at it, he wasn't totally sure what the problem was but suspected it was something to do with the bios. So he reset the bios for me and for a while it worked fine.

But now I'm having almost the same problem. I can't restart the computer as it will start the above problem off. And on the odd occasion when I start up my comp it will freeze at this screen. Can anyone tell me what this problem might be or if my computer is is past saving.

Thanks for reading.

Hi becky,
sorry to hear about this.. :sad:
Ok, .. here goes..
It sound like the power surge "might" have damaged the bios chip on your motherboard. The bios chip is what holds the "special instructions"/program for how your computer is to use all its internal parts.
You need to have someone knowledgable to "re-flash" the bios program again.
DON'T ATTEMPT THIS step YOURSELF as you could really kill your computer completely dead if you do it wrong. Get you dad to do itagain.
Then.. If the problem re-occurs..
you need to get a technician to replace the bios chip itself (~$40 + labor).
Hope this helps :)
PS- if you have other computer troubleshooting issues.. check out my website for help.

Thanks. I will pass that on and hopefully he can sort it out for me. At least now I know that the whole thing doesn't need replacing as that's what I've been worrying about.

Hi becky,
your welcome.
Hope everything turns out OK.
Please post back & let me know the final outcome.

is the bios chip the battery on the motherboard?

if it is then im sure you can replace it or your dad can