Hey, Nanino here.

Recently, after a power outage, my computer's keyboard stopped responding to anything. I've tried multiple keyboards, but none of them work now. Though when I connect them the num lock/caps lock/scroll lock lights all blink then turn off, which makes me think the keyboards are still recieving power.

Originally, on start up the computer started making a ticking sound, then at the welcome screen it started a constant beeping. After I removed the keyboard cable from the PS/2 port the beeping stopped.

I'm on a different computer right now, and thats how I'm even here.

Its very frustrating because I can't start the computer in safe mode or try to recover the system memory because no keyboards work at all. And I'm positive its not a virus because the problem started when the power went out and our internet stopped working.

I can't access the dxdiag so I can't be positive on the computer specs, but heres what I think the model is based on its packaging..

Model: emachines T6414
Proecessor: AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3200+
Optical Drive: DVD+/-RW 16x Double Layer
Hard Drive: 160 GB ATA Hard Drive

Also, we have Verizon Fios and we had someone come and start up our cable and internet again.

Any help is greatly appreciated, since otherwise we will have to take the computer to a professional for a hefty sum of money.

Welcome Nanino

Seems to me the problem your experiencing is hardware related.power failures can be a pain in the bud.lets just hope that all parts is still working.
Heres what you do open computer box and remove the cmos battery for five to ten minutes put it back in after that and restart computer.
[attached file shows cmos]

Thanks, I found the battery and it looks exactly like the one in the picture almost, but I can't remove it. The clip you boxed in blue comes from the inside, so I have to pinch it with my thumb and index finger and I can't pull out the battery while I'm doing that.

Any suggestions?

Never mind, I just got it out using a screwdriver to hold the switch and a nail filer to prop it out.

But now there is another problem. On start up the computer launched to a screen I've never seen before that displayed the system specs and said a cmos checksum error, which I'm guessing has to do with the battery. It also started ticking again and, unfortunately, the keyboard still doesn't work...

ohk dont worry about the cmos checksum error,as long as your cmos is properly seated all is fine.what you can do now in your BIOS set all to defaults.
As for the keyboard still being in its current morbid state,try a USB keyboard if its easy for you to obtain one just for testing. Im thing PS\2 for mouse controller thats corrupted. but try a usb so long if it works get your new OS and check after install if its behaving better when ps2 is attached