My HP Pavillion dv2410us won't start. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

The machine is just past one year in age ( out of warranty ). Here are what I think are the important clues...

A few weeks ago the fan started making noise when you would start-up the laptop.

Now...when you plug the machine in to it's AC adaptor....the indicator lights all light up....but nothing happens.

If you pull the battery, plug in the AC...again the indicator lights all light up but nothing happens.

If you hold down the power button, after a few seconds, the indicator lights will all go out at the same time. If you then push on the power button, the indicator lights all come get a slight sounds from what seems to be the fan...but nothing happens.

With all the above points, the following occurs when the indicator lights come on.
- You get a slight sound from the area of where the fan is.
- You get a spin of the DVD drive but then it stops.
- The hard disk does not spin up.

That's never get anything on the screen. It just sits there with the various indicator lights around the keyboard all lit up.

Any suggestions?

Sounds like your fan stopped working and the CPU is DOA.

If possible, I would try a new CPU chip and check the fan for possible obstruction or damage.


I appreciate your comment. I had the machine in for a diagnostic check, and the verdict was the Mother Board. But I agree there is also something wrong with the fan.

Is there a reasonable reason to believe that swapping out the CPU might bring it back???

Where can I find a copy of the service manual, so I can try to tear it apart myself?? I some links here to other service manuals, but couldn't find one for this HP Pavillion at the HP website. Any suggestions on where to look??

I'm up for tearing this apart and trying this myself. A first for me.....

Hi! the same thing happened to my HP pavilion dv2410us... I bought it last August 2007 and now it doesn't work anymore.. When I turn it on about a week ago, there is no display but the quickplay and start button are lighted.. Why is there no display on the screen and it doesn't really seem to start up.. It is out of warranty now.. Just wanna know if you've solved the problem and how? Is your notebook working now? Please let me know.. thanks..

I've come to the conclusion that the processor and or other portions of the mother board were cooked when the fan failed. The repair cost was more than a new laptop...... I may still try to mess with it when I have some time....but for now I've put it on a pile of dead electronics.

I picked up a hard drive that I could pull the hard drive out of the fried laptop.....hook it to another computer and then pull off the files that I didn't want to lose. This worked the hard drive was just fine. So, I also have a hard use if needed.

I'm not going to buy another HP...that's for sure.

hi! thanks for the reply... anyway I tried to contact HP support through email about this issue. They said, HP has found some known issues with some notebook models, therefore, as the notebook is displaying a blank screen, the issue which we are experiencing with our notebook model is a known issue to HP. Therefore, HP will be servicing the notebook with free cost including the shipping charges. which means Notebook is covered under " One time Service Enhancement program"..

click this link to understand more:

Good Luck!

Same issue. Except my problem occured at the beginning of the summer. Went to a dad's friend to get a diagnostics and motherboard was fried(supposedly from dust). They took it to HP to get it "repaired" for a week. Came back working fine for a good 2 months. And now i'm about to go to school and it frys up on me once again.

Should i perhaps purchase a new laptop? Because this laptop has given me and my dad some serious headaches. I think this should be mentioned, the laptop was bought with a $150 rebate. Grand total for laptop was around $760. Yea, get what i paid for...=/

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