ok, here's my trouble.
i've tried using my (less and less extensive, apparently) knowledge to fix this problem.

whenever i run pretty much anything that uses a microphone, an online game, a microphone configuration thing (like what a messenger may use), or sound editing software, my sound card -or its software- (info later) changes the input from the microphone to MIDI synth, as a workaround, i can usually change it back as soon as it happens, but with things like online games, it isnt really viable, as it often crashes my computer (thats the games fault, not the card).

i've tried disabling midi synth in hardware, muting it in the software, disabling it in the software settings, amongst other things.

i realise it may sound trivial, but i had a perfectly good working SB live 1024 that never had this trouble, and i didnt spend nearly £200 for problems!

my system is:

Windows 2k Pro running SP4
The sound card in question is an SB Audigy 2 ZS pro, which is fully up to date according to creatives' website.

i have the same problem with any program bar the software the card came with, and windows'sound recorder (wooop de dooo!)

any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


hmmm, im not the highest in the expert list but id like to help if i can....

is it possible to uninstall this software? mabe uve tried that? :S
if not then wen u put the soundcard in the computer with no drivers, does it work without using CD with drivers? i mean, have u tried getting drivers from SB's website?instead of using the cd, this helped me once in a different way have a go with it see if that helps?
hope thats helped you in some kinda way?


i've already tried that Danniboy, to no avail. also, its definately not the software, as i've tried preventing that from starting, so its just the drivers that initialise, and it still changes to midi synth from line 1 :(

anybody got any other suggestions/ideas?

i guess thats a collective 'no' :(

i have but one message for any gamers who may frequent this forum- NEVER buy an audigy 2 zs platinum pro! (stick with your live 1024's ... )

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