Hi guys, i have a problem. My computer was working fine yesterday morning. I was using it for a while, then turned it off to go to bed. When I woke up, my sister was using it and it was working fine. However she got sidetracked and left it there idle for a while, so I came back and turned it off. Later when i went to turn it on, it wouldn't boot. The keyboard's LED's don't flash either. I opened the case to see what was the problem and saw that the Hard Drive light was a constant red. It wouldn't go off. So i tried switching the power cable to the drive and it still wasn't coming on. I unplugged the data cable and just left in the power cable and the hard drive got power, but the drive light was still on. Now I have in both the data cable and the power cable; the hard drive gets power, but the drive light is constantly on. Also, when I hold down the power button to power down the system, it doesn't turn off. Help plese...

Before you begin getting all sorts of different recommendations you might want to describe just what type of hardware and operating system you are having problems with. Is it a desktop with an intel chip running xp or a commodore 64? Is the monitor plugged in and turned on?

Yeah, Intel Celeron D, Windows XP Pro, nVidia GeForce FX 5200, ASUS P4S-800DX motherboard, Seagate 20 GB HDD, 450W Power Supply, Pioneer 8x DVD burner. Yeah, everything's plugged in. I checked more times than I care to remember. I get NOTHING when I turn on the computer. The processor fan starts, the hard drive gets power, and that's it... The keyboard's LEDs don't come on and the BIOS doesn't come up.

Before you get carried away with esoteric stuff check the simple things. Did your sister leave a cd or dvd in the drive?