My Asus A7V333-X motherboard will not boot. I have A AMD Athlon processor and 256MB of PC2100. The problem is nothing appears on the screen when I turn it on. I have checked the graphics card and concluded that is not the problem. It has to be the moterboard or CPU. When I turn the Computer on it gives power to everything, but nothing happens.

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Seriously check if the motherboard is grounded to the case. If it doesn't seem to be grounded on the case take it out and put it back in and see if it then displays/boots. Check to see if everything is in the sockets if it looks like they are perfect take them out and reseat them.

I would try to clearing the CMOS (BIOS) also. Is your CPU booting up with no display? (Does the hard drive light blink as if it were booting).

That is exactly whatis happening. There is no display and the hard drive is turning. All componets are getting power, but there is no display.

It might be your monitor cable there are a ton of things that can be wrong. BTW try another monitor see it that works.

Remove or disconnect everything in the system case except processor and fan, RAM, and display card. That means all drives etc disconnected! Hook up to your monitor and power up. See if you get to the POST screens, and report back with the results please.

There are too many possible causes to troubleshoot without cutting back to a 'bare-bones' system.

Ok, I have narrowed it down to the Power Supply, CPU, or motherboard. I think it is the motherboad. There is a very good chance it could be fried. Ive tried different monitors, graphic cards, and different Bios batteries. I dont have another machine that I can use to check the Power Suppy, but it seems it must be the motherboard. Does anyone know if the computer will boot if there is no CPU?

It most certainly will NOT boot without a processor fitted.

Are you absolutely certain that the RAM and display card slots are clean, and that the components also have clean connectors and are firmly and fully inserted?

If that's the case, and you've also checked that those components work fine, and that your monitor and monitor cable are also in good order, then yep! Either a dud ppppower unit, a dud processor or a dud motherboard. If you haven't got another system to swap 'n' change components with for checking, then it's off to the repair shop it seems.

I am having the SAME problem with the Asus A7V333-X Mobo after going through every card and drive and clearing cmos to changing power cords and batteries and power supplies, and now that i have stumbled over this post it would seem that this is a specific problem with Asus Mobo's while i was trying to understand this problem i popped over to Asus' website and checked their Troubleshooting page and wouldnt ya know it, Its right there so its probably a very common problem with thier mobos and the only solution thay give is here

So after this problem I think im going to try another brand of MOBO and let ASUS stick this one where the sun dont shine.

Hope this helps


B4 u change the motherboard 1st try and change the memory and put in another module, if that does not work its definately ur mobo.

Can you tell me if the mobo is beeping? If not, you can be sure its dead. If it is, let me know what kind and how many it is giving. Thats the best way to diagnose potential problems.

In my situation the MOBO was not beeping but all the lights were on. I have tested the P/S on anther system and it works fine. I still really dont know if it is the CPU or the MOBO, but since I had this problem in May 2004 I have moved on to bigger and better things. I have two other new systems with an Albatron and Gigabyte MOBOs and they both work fine. I recommend getting a new proccessor and MOBO. If you want to get those together for cheap, go to and got to "this weeks specials" and you can find cheap combos.

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