Basically I've got an old computer that's died. I was just wondering if there is any way I can get pics, files, etc off the computer by externally attaching the hard drive from the broken computer to a different computer? I'm a complete novice so I really don't know where to start or if it is even possible to do this.

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it is possiable ,but sometime when i hook the harddrive up in another computer i get axcess denied when i try to copy the file off the hardrive .
you would just change the jumpers on the end of the hdd where the ribbon cable connects from master to slave and put it in other computer on the same ribbon cable as the drive in other computer ,or leave it to master and unplug the cdrom in other computer and connect it to that ,reboot other computer and it should show in mycomputer .
oh yeah did mention to turn off computers when doing this


Yes you can remove and replace the bad one first off, get an external HD case and put the bad one in. try to access the bad one as an external storage if that does not work well enough look on the internet for data recovery programs I used DATABACK and fallowed the instructions it worked ok.

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