My wife has been complaining about lack of RAM in her computer so for a surprise, I went out and bought 2GB, pulled out the old and then put in the new. What happened next was I got some beeping and a blank screen. We are talking about a DELL 3000 Dimension. I tried putting the old back in but that gave me the exact same results. Now I have a dead machine and wife that will be home in about an hour to find what I have done. HELP PLEASE!!! What can I do to resolve this issue.

Thanks, Dave

hello dev
hello dev don't need to worry much please make sure you fix the ram on the ram slot tightly. it must be the problem of losely fixed RAM on the ram slot.
if you still got the problem please donot hesitate to write.

Hi Shambhukadel, unfortunately that was not the problem. The RAM is secure and fastened in with it's latches. I have also made sure that the RAM is the appropriate RAM for the computer, which it is. Thanks for your efforts, Dave

did you unplug computer from power source and drain the psu by holding in the on/off switch for about 30-60 seconds before removing and installing ,if not you may have fried all the ram!