Hello everyone I am new to this site and really don't know how it works so if I'm asking questions on the wrong part of this site I am sorry. I am having a bit of trouble with my Tecra 8100. After installing a LG Multi DVD Rewriter model# GSA-T20L ROM VERSION NR02AA I get a IDE #1 BOOT ERROR. I have read all the old posts and I just cant seem to get my drive to work on boot up. If I let the laptop boot then when at windows XP pop the drive out and push it back in it seems to work fine. I have read more then one post on jumping pins 45@47 on the DVD drive I cant believe that's the only way to make a DVD burner work on a TECRA 8100. Most all of the posts were from 04 or before. I was wondering if anyone knows of a better way to make a DVD burner work on a 8100 so I can boot with the drive. Or if anyone can show me a photo of just how to jumper the pins that would help alot do to the fact that the new drive has no sticker giving me a pin order I don't know what pins are what and I cant seem to find any old photos of how to jump the pins and what pins are #45@47. Any help would be VERY much appreciated. This is very frustrating I have asked Toshiba TECH support for help with this problem and also LG TECH support. Nether Co. wanted or even sounded interested in helping me with this problem.

Here is an illustration of what you need to short.

Seems like your HD and optical drive are in master/slave conflict. Apparently, most of the slim CD/DVD drives are pre-determined as master or slave drives, with no jumper or dip-switch to change that setting.

Inspect the drive's back side for dip-switches or jumpers. If there are none, then the logical solution is to flash the drive's firmware with correct settings.

Shorting pin 45-47 supposedly fixes this conflict. Some would recommend soldering, but that would be permanent change and it is possible that you would permanently damage the drive.

Since those pins are next to each other, you can simply wrap some alu-foil around them making them connect and plug the cable over that.

If you have Nero installed, then you can use Drive Info tool to see it's capabilities.. T20L means that it is LightScribe-capable... Nice!

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