Well poop. I have an older Toshiba Satellite (S304-model, methinks). I'm cheap, and a conservationist, so I've been trying to keep the old girl going. Replaced the dying hard drive about 6 months ago, and everything's been kosher til now. Here is the skinny:

New thing when booting.... Before the "Windows" screen, I get a black screen that I think mentions "realtek", "Intel" and "Mac Addr".... the cursor spins as if it is marking time, and after 10 seconds or so, the machine boots as per usual. I have never seen this screen until about a couple of weeks ago.

When browsing, using the computer in general, the cursor will "stall & jump" for about 5-10 seconds occassionally (probably every 4-10 minutes or so). Frustrating!

When listening to audio or watching video (both streaming- I don't know about playing my own files), that same "stall & jump" thing happens to the audio/video. It always recovers after 5-10 seconds, and then happens again in another 4-10 minutes. Also frustrating! It harshes my mellow.

Don't know if this related, but since a couple of weeks ago after returning from out of town (where I used the hotel wireless), my computer has been (seemingly) unable to connect to my home wireless network. I really haven't looked further into this.. I've just lazily plugged the cable directly into the computer.

That's all I can think of right now.... There don't seem to be any mysterious noises, so nothing to report there. I'm flummoxed, but then again, it does not take much to flummox me. Please, sir (or madam), can you solve my flummoxation?

So, tell me your ideas... what do you think is happening? Is this a dying processor? Ethernet problem?



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I reccommend you run a nice thorough cleanup on your system then we'll go from there.

You should download and run the latest version of > Ccleaner <

You can Download …

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I reccommend you run a nice thorough cleanup on your system then we'll go from there.

You should download and run the latest version of > Ccleaner <

You can Download AVG from the link in my signature below. It's an anti-virus/spyware program. It'll take care of any of those issues.

Once downloaded. Install it and run the updates. Once it is updated restart your computer in Safe Mode. And perform a full scan with AVG.

Please let me know if this helps. As far as the mouse jumping around. It could be the sensitivity of the mouse pad, or the mouse pad can be getting worn out. I just replaced a pad in my laptop. If this doesn't help your problems or even if it does please post and let me know. If it doesn't we'll start on another solution.

Thanks for the reply.

I actually already have Ccleaner, and run it regularly. (Also AVG). I will check for updates, do your bidding, and get back here with the results.

Additional info:
Re: cursor skipping, This might sound odd, but the cursor skips to the same "rhythm"as when the audio/video stalls. Also, as I was shutting her down the other night, that same weird audio skipping thing occurred during the final moments of the "windows is shutting down" screen. (??)

And... that black screen upon loading- I watched it last night and after the time-marking cursor stopped, it said something about PXE-ROM and "now exiting PXE-ROM".....

That's it for now! Thanks again for your reply. Any additional input/replies are welcome.

the black screen at startup is just your pc letting you know that it is starting all of the hardware devices required for the system to run.

the mouse skipping rythemicly to music may indicate a loose connection to the mouse pad. or even dust being in the connection. it is always a good idea to use a can of compressed air and clean the case and keyboard with it.

sorry if the aree any typos i'm replying from my cell as I travel

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