I recently cleaned the Heatsink, and cleaned off the cpu with Isopropyl Alcohol and applied Arctiv Silver 5. I did this because I was having some bad heating issues. My problem now is my laptop is either not staring up or something is wrong with the LCD. When I turn the power on, light goes green, hear the fan start running and I think the HD is going as well. But the screen is black. A quick touch of the power button and it turns off instantly, which leaves me thinking that maybe it is not fully booting up in the first place. It was working fine before, besides the overheating. Any suggestions of what the problem is and/or how to fix it. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks for your time.

Hmm, sounds like a CPU issue, try pushing the CPU in again. After the CPU has been tested the system will generate a series of beeps.

Thats my understanding anyway, perhaps I am wrong?

I have tried pushing the CPU in better quite a few times with no luck. I dont know if its supposed to lie in the socket flush, or do you have to push it a little. A pushed it in though, seems to fit fine but still no luck.