I dropped my sony vaio VGN-S230 and a screw came out and i could hear another rattling around. Opening it up it appears they may have come from one side of hdd brackets so I put them back in. (I could find n other place that had screws of that size). But I am still getting just a faint VAIO on startup and then goes dark. before reseating memory and putting screws back in I would get the faint VAIO but it would poweroff after about 30 seconds.
I checked the video connections, tried hooking to external monitor to no avail and reseating hdd and memory.

So now it holds power, a faint VAIO at startup and then dark screen. Any ideas?????

Any ideas?????

It broke.


Cheer up.. there are limited number of things that you can do right now.

For the faint VAIO logo.. that probably means that the background light is busted.. and for the lack of boot.. That can be anything: loose connection with a hard drive, keyboard, memory...

- Check every cable on both ends.

- Check the motherboard's solderings for cracks, especially around battery connectors. You might want a magnifying glass. If you find some, you won't need some soldering skills to repair a cracked soldering. All you need is a soldetron and some confidence. Just heat up and melt the cracked soldering, and voilá!

Anything beyond that, I suggest you take it to professionals. Price to fix this can be anything.