is there anyway i can hook up a monitor because i cant see my screen to do anything

Yes! There is some hope (probably)! There should be a little VGA Jack or something like that on the side. Plug a regular old VGA Monitor (That means any monitor whose cord can fit into the jack) into the laptop. Turn the laptop on. (I'm assumong you use Windows, I don't know much about the booting of other OSs--I'm a programmer--not a shoemaker ;-)). Wait for Windows to boot up, there will be some blinking lights or something like that and the Monitor might boot up, or it might not. You'll probably have to do some button pushing to get it to work...On a Dell Laptop, at least, there are computer function keys (they're not F1-12 they're the little keys with a usually blue sub-, super-, or medi- script with some strange symbol or acronym)(don't worry about the medi-script: I invented the term myself)You have to push the little button that says "Fn" or something like that and the one that has something like "CRT/LCD" as it's extra function at once, like hotkey combo. That should do it. Of course, if you can't get the original screen to work ever agin, your machine isn't much of a laptop, but it still makes a very good low-power desktop. Good luck. I sympathise with you.

Explaination: The CRT/LCD Means the computer switches between the built-in monitor(The LCD) and the Pluged in monitor(The CRT)(Cathode-ray-tube)(Like a low-def TV)

(Just so you know).