I currently have 512MB of RAM, 128MB of which is "Shared Memory" (whats is shared memory?). So it seems i have 384MB of RAM which seems enough to me, but the games I play are jumpy and slow and I'm sure its because I do not have enough RAM.

If i was to buy some more RAM, do i need to buy a specific type?
And where abouts in the computer do I insert it?


Re: Do I need to upgrade my RAM? 80 80

What games are you playing and what computer do you have (Mb, CPU, video)?

Re: Do I need to upgrade my RAM? 80 80

Look at it this way most games today need at least 1024Mb to run perfect, and more ram never killed anyone.

Re: Do I need to upgrade my RAM? 80 80

Shared Ram...?
If you are using an onboard video card and sharing ram you would be better off adding a video card with its' own ram...
Very few of the onboard video controllers are good for gaming...

Re: Do I need to upgrade my RAM? 80 80

That's quite correct, willis86. If you have 128Mb allocated to 'Shared memory' it must be used for onboard video. Adding more RAM will give you a performance boost, of course, but its benefit to framerates in your games is going to be minimial at best.

The best course of action is to purchase an add-in display card, and set that 'Shared RAM' figure back to the lowest setting you can have for it, and disable the onboard video as well if BIOS allows you to. The most important factor for games performance is your display 'card'. The number of megabytes of RAM your onboard or add-in card video has available is far less important than the quality of its graphics processor. And onboard video generally has quite poor quality graphics processors included.

As indicated earlier, we need to know the make/model of your computer, or the make/model of its motherboard, in order to best advise you of what you need.

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